Super Chunky Yarn

Super Chunky Yarn is the ideal wool for a beginner knitter as it is so easy and quick to knit with. With the generous size of each stitch it is simple to spot any mistakes that you make. Wise Badger has an extensive choice of Super Chunky Yarns & Wools.

To knit Super Chunky you will need large 8.00mm to 15.00mm needles. It is perfect for knitting comfy bulky winter garments and snuggly throws and blankets. We have a wide range of patterns and designs especially for Super Chunky Yarn.

Our choice of Super Chunky Yarns includes both natural fibres, and synthetic fibres. A blended yarn of wool and acrylic can combine the benefits of both. Wool has lanolin which is gentle to the skin, whilst acrylic is harder wearing.