Knitting with Hayfield Sundance -Yarn Review

Posted by Chris on 7th Mar 2018

Knitting with Hayfield Sundance -Yarn Review

I was very keen to try this yarn as soon as I saw it, the vibrant colours attracted me immediately – particularly the bright blue ‘Surfer’s Paradise’.

I knit a lot for my grandchildren and my daughter is always asking if I’ll knit something in cotton for her 3 year old - Stan. He has very sensitive skin, and can get quite itchy in woolly garments. He also seems to be fine with acrylic, and my daughter loves it because it washes well and dries quickly – a very important consideration when you have a toddler, a new baby and no tumble drier! The ‘no tumble drier’ is an issue in the colder and wetter months, which makes cotton less practical for her.

So, along comes Hayfield’s new Sundance DK – 50% cotton, 50% acrylic – the best of both worlds! Of course, I have to try it!

Luckily, I was sent a couple of balls before it came out, so I was able to give it a try, and I can tell you just how impressed I am. It knits beautifully, very evenly and there is none of the splitting that you frequently get with cottons, nor did it dry my hands out in the way acrylics sometimes do. I was very impressed.

It knits to a standard DK tension of 22 sts. & 28 rows/10cm square on 4mm needles, so I can use all my old favourite patterns with it if I want, although I have designed a new pattern for it which I hope to have ready and be able to offer you, free, next week. There are also eight new designs from the Sirdar design team, one or two of which I really like – particularly the ballet cardigan as my son’s 3 year old daughter – Aggie, will be starting lessons soon. 

So many things to knit – so little time!