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Brittany knitting needles and crochet hooks are finely crafted, hand finished and exactly sized from sustainable birch. Beautiful to look at, smooth and warm in your hands the Brittany range are a pleasure to work with.

The main feature with Brittany products is the material. Wood has many benefits. It is warm, smooth and soft. Wooden needles and hooks won't drain heat from sensitive fingers the way aluminium or plastic needles can do. Its use may allow people suffering from arthritis to continue to knit or crochet. Being a hardwood birch is a superior material for this purpose. Its stability and tensile strength allows the needles to keep size and resist warping. As they are lightweight the needles won't fall out of your knitting With Brittany’s proprietary finish these needles are one of the slickest on the market.

Their straight needles are available in two lengths, 10” and 14”. Both lengths are popular according to personal preference as well as yarn gauge and project requirements. Their crochet hooks range in size from 3.25mm to 9.00mm.